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Decentralizing The Internet: The Hitchhiker’s Guide (Nicholas Resendez – Hackernoon)


The world wide web, aka the internet used by the majority of users is heavily centralized. The main reason being the way which users can easily communicate and operate their daily needs and wants which ultimately enables big tech companies operations. Since internet users typically express their opinions, needs, and wants online, a tech company will attempt to identify these mutual interests, creating a bridge or in other words, a digital footprint. This bridge can then be connected to another big tech company, ultimately transferring the interests, desires, and behaviors of a user to find mutual interests on other sites. This helps keep users enticed on web pages, showing them relevant content. This can then be used by monopolistic tech companies in hopes of reaping direct traffic from one network to another.

The users are catching onto these internet monopolies. It is quite clear that many internet users believe big tech companies such as Facebook, Google, and Amazon are beginning, if not have already have attempted to take over the internet. Users have become dependent on eCommerce for their home goods, groceries, and nearly any physical goods on Amazon. The answers of the unknown can be uncovered by a quick Google search, but while you’re at it might as well check your email, then pull up the Google Maps app to head home. The main problem behind these issues is the centralization of goods and services in which we have become dependent in order to operate daily routines. The questions begs, “why can we just ditch these monopolistic companies and create better concepts?” We can; however, it seems that users tend to utilize these technology giant sites since they offer better interfaces, and quicker services.

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The Age of With: Exploring The Future of Artificial Intelligence – Deloitte Analytics

“What idea links machines and people? The common answer is versus. But the true role of analytics and AI along with other tools is collaborative. The future of artificial intelligence is a future of human potential: people with machines, doing more than either could alone. Welcome to the Age of With™.”

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Photo Cred: Deloitte