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The Wave (CLOriginals-006)

Cover photo cred: Elliott Blair

Another dark night in the den – lost in a wave of bourbon and blues. I spend most of my nights here, staring at my poison while taking in the music. Only looking up every now and then to admire the band, and the crowd under its spell. Even though the floor is packed tonight, the seats next to me at the bar are empty – as always.

I’m okay with that.

I’m not here looking for company.

I’m here to ride the wave.

Photo by Justin

As the bartender pours me another round, I notice another lost soul at the other end of the bar. Like me, she’s alone. Like me, she couldn’t care less. She exudes confidence and proudly wears her scars – as I do my own.

The cigarette.

The tattoos.

The bourbon.

The piercing eyes.

She’s mesmerizing.  I know nothing about her, yet I feel a sense of familiarity – as though I’ve known her for a lifetime.

Meanwhile, the guitar is wailing in the background, and it captivates us both. The look in her eye tells me she rides the wave, too. The wave that quiets the mind and heals the soul. The wave I’m addicted to surfing, and she is too.

When our eyes first meet, my instincts hijack the moment, and I get a dose of fear. If I let her in, I could risk it all. But while my fear is real, so is her magnificence. It would be overwhelming on its own, but with the surge of the guitar howling in the background, it’s intoxicating.

I glance down at my drink, take a breath, and down it in one go. It only takes a moment for the poison to work its magic; the fear subsides. I look back up and summon a smile. After what feels like an eternity, she smiles back.

She makes her way to the seat next to me.

The bartender pours us a round.

And then we disappear.

Into the night.

Into the wave.

Free Your Mind.