This is the best time of day to exercise, backed by science

Photo by Victor Freitas

“Both morning and evening exercise have health benefits and potential pitfalls, but for most people, the right time to exercise is not about how many calories you burn or how much weight you lift — it’s more about how you feel when exercising and how exercise fits into your daily schedule.”

Amanda Capritto

The best time of day to exercise has been a massive topic of debate. Is it better to wake up early and start your day with a sweat session? Or sleep in and add in a workout as a part of your evening routine? Is there a particular time of day that produces the best results?

Scientifically speaking, the best time of day to exercise is one that works for you. Whether you prefer the morning, afternoon or evening, the most important thing is consistency. Whichever time allows you to have the most consistency with your workouts is the best time of day, and this differs from person to person. Amanda Capritto’s article, This is the best time of day to exercise, backed by science, lays out the benefits and drawbacks of working out at different times of the day. Give it a read and see which makes the most sense for you.