The metaverse, the multiverse, and the end of your free time

Photo by Micha Huigen

“The last few years have given rise to a new kind of all-encompassing entertainment experience that tries to give you everything and demands all of your time in return. It’s a highlander mentality: in the eyes of the biggest entertainment companies, there can be only one. And right now, this comes in two forms. You’re either sucked into a multiverse, or you’re spending your life in a metaverse.”

Andrew Webster

With the rise of the technological era, things that we once used to only see in futuristic sci-fi movies are coming to life. It seems now that companies in the entertainment industry are moving away from singular mediums and expanding to embody all entertainment elements. In his article, The Metaverse, the Multiverse and the End of Your Free Time, Andrew Webster sparks the idea that we will no longer live in a world where we will have separate mediums such as films, video games, social media, etc., but that we are already on the path to living in a sort of metaverse that encompasses all mediums in one. Could he be onto something?

Check out the full article by Andrew Webster on The Verge.